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Straight wall basin

Fiberglass Basins



Steele Plastics Inc. manufactures different fiberglass basins for different applications. We manufacture a tapered, one piece fiberglass basin with a maximum size of 48" X 72". We also manufacture a straight wall, filament wound fiberglass tank in standard diameters up to 72" and 30 feet deep. The filament wound tanks are also used to build attached valve box systems.


For more information visit our Basins Page.

Aluminum Hatch Cover

Wastewater Covers



Steele Plastics Inc. manufactures fiberglass, aluminum, and steel covers to fit all our basins, as well as custom designed to fit your application.  Aluminum and steel covers are built using a CAD driven plasma burning table to insure the most exacting tolerances.  Most of our fiberglass covers are standard stocking items, and we have multiple options for all our covers including; vent grommets, vent couplings, mushroom vents, and level control modifications for mounting float switch cords thru the cover using compression cord grips.  Standard paint for the steel cover is Industrial Grade Polyurethane.  Coal Tar Epoxy paint is an available option.  Fiberglass covers are available in Tan gel coat, Green gel coat, and Pigmented Natural Resin color.


For additional information and drawings, visit our Covers Page.


  Fiberglass Risers



Steele Plastics manufactures fiberglass Risers/Extensions in 24" - 72" Diameters and up to 48" deep. They are primarily used for basin risers/extensions, but can also be used for valve vaults where a bottom is not required.

Note: Depths greater than 48" may be available - contact factory


Extension/Riser Drawing

Extension/Riser Specification




Steele Plastics Inc. basins are designed, and built, to be installed with the top flange flush with the top of the ground.  When an extension is added to the top of the basin, it effectively buries the original tank deeper than it was designed to be installed.  Many of our customers, thru their own experience and knowledge of the job site, choose to add an extension or “riser” to an existing installed basin.  Steele Plastics Inc. does build and sell extensions on a regular basis.  However, it must be clearly understood that the application of the extension is solely at the discretion of the purchaser, and that the warranty on the original basin that the extension is attached to, is null and void.

Steele Plastics Simplex guide rail system

Guide Rail systems



Steele Plastics manufactures a competitively priced 1 1/4" and 2" guide rail system for wastewater applications. They are supplied in depths of 4' thru 30'. We are also an authorized distributor for Conery™ FreeFlo™ base elbow systems. If you would prefer to supply us with a rail base, we can assemble a complete packaged system that includes the fiberglass wet well, cover, guide rail assembly, discharge manifold, float bracket and float switches, inlet connections, and electrical connections. All rail system assembled by Steele Plastics Inc. are pressure tested to 25 PSI and held for one minute with zero loss of pressure to insure a reliable system installation. We can supply non guide rail systems as well.


See all of our different rail systems in our Guide Rail Systems Page.


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Guide Rail


Guide Rail components



Loose Stainless Steel one piece guide rail assemblies (depths of 4 feet to 30 feet) and Simplex and Duplex discharge manifolds (Galvanized, Stainless Steel, and Schedule 80 PVC) are available for existing basin/wetwells.


See our Guide Rail components page.


Wastewater Accessories



Steele Plastics carries a variety of accessories for wastewater needs. We are a stocking distributor for Link Seal as well. We have a lot of options for discharge connections, electrical connections, floats and float brackets. We stock many valves including Cast Iron and PVC ball check valves, brass gate valves and true union ball valves. Contact us for any help you might need or visit our Accessories Page.